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What is Antiskid

Antiskid in our industry refers to a durable, skid resistant coloured surfacing system comprised of thermosetting resin compounds incorporating specialist synthetic coloured aggregates formulated for application to roads, highways and bridge pavements.

Antiskid provides colour delineation to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike.  The coloured surfaces also act as a warning and provide a useful traffic-calming mechanism.  Benefits also include a high friction rating of SRV > 70 which can result in a breaking distance reduction of up to 33% for road vehicles.  The product is applicable to both concrete and asphalt surfaces and is fuel and oil resistant.

Recommended application sites include:

  • Bus and cycle lanes

  • Tight radius corners and slip lanes

  • Median (ghost) islands

  • School and pedestrian crossings

  • Black spot locations

  • Steep inclines and declines

  • Traffic lights

What is Cold Applied Plastic

Cold applied plastic (CAP) is a long life road marking compound.  It is formulated from methyl methacrylate resin and extensively used for road markings at intersections, pedestrian crossings, directional arrows and signs etc.  CAP comes in a range of different products to suit various applications.

Recommended applications sites include:

  • Intersectional line markings

  • Longitudinal lines

  • Pedestrian crossings

  • Directional arrows

  • Signs and symbols

  • Bus and cycle lanes

  • Warehouse markings

With cold applied plastic you get a wear resistant road marking material with good visibility, durability and low dirt pick up.  While CAP is a great product for marking lines and stencils, it can also be applied to mark bigger areas for purposes such as bicycle lanes and decorative purposes.


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