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Guide posts

What are guide posts?

Guide posts are a simple and effective form of long range delineation, which conveys information of the road alignment.  Guide posts outline the edges of the roadway to indicate the lateral limits of the safe traffic-able way and indicate the alignment of the road ahead, especially at horizontal and vertical curves.  Under some circumstances they also provide a gauge to assess available sight distance.  Guide posts and delineation shall be placed in accordance with AS 1742.2-2009 "Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices".

Major advantages

The major benefits of guide posts are:

  • They are observable far ahead (particularly in poor visibility conditions)

  • The can be observed even when the pavement has become obscured because of vertical or horizontal curves

  • The are not subject to traffic wear

  • The do not become covered by water or sand which can obscure the pavement markings

  • They are located on the near side of the drive away from the glare of opposing vehicle headlights.

Guide post types

There exists many forms of guide posts, these include:

  • Timber guide posts

  • Flexible guide posts

  • Semi flexible guide posts

  • Rigid guide posts


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