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traffic management

Traffic Management

Traffic Management is an essential component of successful road work projects.  Temporary Traffic Management schemes usually present in one of two ways:

  • Static Sites

  • Mobile Sites

Static sites will be set up where works are located and remain in one particular area.  Works such as transverse line marking and line removal utilise static traffic management.

Mobile sites involve the control of road uses through mean of a mobile traffic management convoy.  Longitudinal line marking, RRPM and guide post installation are examples where you will find Mobile traffic management.


All successful projects are thankful to appropriate planning.  Retro Roads has personnel with advanced accreditation that equip the business in delivery works in line with State and Federal traffic management requirements.  These requirements include MRWA Code of Practice and Australian Standard 1742.3


Retro Roads has experience implementing traffic management on all roads, from local back streets to highway intersections and freeways.  Retro Roads has access to all the assets and personnel required to carry out the works in a safe and efficient manner.


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