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longitudinal line marking

What is longitudinal line marking

Longitudinal lines is a term that refers to such as centre, lane, edge and continuity.

Material Used

Generally paint is utilised for longitudinal line marking.  Retro Road uses an approved high build waterborne road marking paint, as specified by MRWA.  This can be applied using hand plant for small jobs or by mobile plant for medium to large works.  With the addition of retro reflective glass beads, lines are bright day or night.

Hand Plant

Retro Road's hand plant is capable of producing all line styles and widths.  Hand plant can easily be mobilised for small jobs and at low cost.  The small foot print of hand plant enables this equipment to paint lines that mobile plant cannot access.

Mobile Plant

Retro Roads mobile plant uses the latest advances to apply longitudinal line marking, incorporating sophisticated computer systems and video technology.  Our mobile plant is equipped to efficiently deliver vast amounts of product from our depot to your pavement marking surface.

Retro Roads line marking
Traffic Management

Retro Roads can provide our own traffic management to carry out works.  With mobile traffic management the impact to road users and the client is significantly reduced.


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