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Mines and warehouse

Line marking for Mines and Warehouses

Any workplace where there is heavy machinery and a maze of circuits requires a proper boundary marking system.  Line marking is of great importance in the workplace.  It has several uses for health and safety, as well as for discipline purposes.  Line marking provides a cost effective solution for the separation of pedestrian and powered mobile plant interfaces, designation of work and storage areas and the delineation of emergency systems.

Types of Mine and Warehouse markings

Components that create effective mine and ware house line marking include:

  • Designated walkways

  • Designated mobile plant routes

  • Emergency evacuation paths

  • Muster points

  • Clear ways

  • Delineation of emergency services

  • Equipment and storage segregation

  • Pedestrian crossings

  • A range of painted stencils such as

    • PPE requirements

    • Warning symbols

    • Speed limits

    • Exclusion zones

    • Labeling

Retro Roads installs various line marking materials for mines and warehouses, available in a range of colours including:

  • Waterborne paint

  • Cold applied plastic

  • Temporary line marking tape

Materials used for mine and warehouse line marking


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