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Reflective pavement markers  (cats eyes)

What are Raised Pavement Markers (RRPMs)

A raised pavement marker is a safety device used to delineate roads.  These devices are usually plastic and come in a variety of shapes and colours.  Raised reflective pavement markers or RRPMs include a lens or sheeting that enhances their visibility by reflecting automotive headlights.  In Australia, sometimes these are referred to as cats eyes.

RRPM Colour Scheme
  • White RRPMs are used to augment the lane lines

  • Yellow RRPMs are used to augment the dividing lines separating opposing traffic, right hand edge lines of duel carriageways, the outline of traffic islands and painted medians

  • Red RRPMs are used to augment the left hand edge lines

  • Blue RRPMs, although not an official delineation device, may be used on a road to mark fire hydrants or water supply locations.  The are not to be used for any other purpose.  They must be located 100mm offset from the dividing line on the side of the road the hydrant is located.

  • No other colours should be used.

RRPM Application

Retro Roads owns a number of bitumen application machines that are easily deployed for installation of RRPMs.

What are Temporary raised pavement markers (TRPMs)

Temporary raised pavement markers or TRPMs are made of traffic bearing high impact plastic.  After completion of a new paving job, TRPMs provide delineation on the road until longitudinal markings can be painted on the new surface.  They are an economical option for temporary pavement markings.  TRPMs are available in white or yellow.


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