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Transverse marking

Transverse Markings (Intersectional line marking)

Transverse line marking is typically found at intersections.  They are generally pavement markings that stretch across the road way.  These include markings such as:

  • Stop lines

  • Give way lines

  • Pedestrian guide line

  • Turn guide lines

  • Piano keys for speed humps

Other markings that may be considered transverse include:

  • Directional or turn arrows

  • Letter stencils

  • Number stencils

  • Cross walks


The selection of materials to be used takes into consideration the clients needs.  Generally road marking paint may be suitable for low volume areas such as car parks.  Roads with high vehicle passes require more robust marking systems.  MRWA requires the use of hot (thermo) or cold applied plastics (CAP) on their network.  Thermoplastic and CAP offer a high build that ensures a long life transverse marking.


Before starting a transverse marking job, Retro Roads identifies any hazards associated with the works including traffic management.  We can provide traffic management that reduces safety risks while maintaining the flow of traffic.  Once a material has been selected for application, the installation method is then tailored to suit the job.  Retro Roads offers a variety of solutions to ensure the jobs is carried out in the most cost efficient manner at the highest level of quality.


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