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Car Park Line Marking

Car Parks are an area or building where cars or other vehicles may be left temporarily.  Car Park Line Marking is designed to deliver the most efficient use of space through demarcation and designation of various components.  Such components include directional driveways, standard car bays, designated car bays (including disabled bays and loading bays) and clear ways.  In general, car park designs should follow AS 2890.1-2004 "Parking facilities - off street car parking", however, there are some other standards to keep in mind such as AS 2890.6-2009 "Parking facilities for people with disabilities".

Pavement Marking Material

Typically high build waterborne road marking is used for the line marking and striping of car parks.  From time to time other materials may be more suitable or requested by the client, these may include, thermoplastic and cold applied plastic.

Setting Out New Line Marking

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the Australian Standards when considering the set out of car parks.  Minimum widths and lengths must be achieved for practicable use.  The materials used are unforgiving, once they are applied they are difficult to remove and so great emphasis is placed on an accurate and compliant set out.

Surface Preparation

Without sufficient surface preparation, line marking materials will simply not bond to the pavement.  Line marking can be applied to both concrete and asphalt surfaces, but each of these require different preparation to maximise the longevity of the pavement marking.

Application of Pavement Marking Material

Retro Roads owns eight hand plant machines used to apply the pavement marking materials.  This equipment is well maintained to produce the best results.  Use of the latest technologies in application equipment significantly increases efficiency and quality when compared to conventional methods.

Components of a Car Park

There are many components that may be line marked in a car park, these include:

  • Standard car bays

  • Disabled bays

  • Bus bays

  • Truck and trailer bays

  • Motor bays

  • Parents with prams

  • Keep clear zones

  • Directional arrows

  • Cross walks or pedestrian crossings

  • Walk ways

  • Speed humps

  • Speed limits

  • Warning messages and symbols

  • Stop and give way lines

  • Stencils such as:

    • No parking

    • Visitors only

    • Staff only

    • Business names

    • and a variety of custom stencils



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