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Line Marking in Perth Central, Perth

Retro Roads has been line marking Perth and surrounding suburbs for over 22 years.  Our commitment to Honesty and Quality has lead our development in a leading service provider, focused on delivering the best line marking and road side products possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer line marking solutions and quality road side products to suit client’s needs, with a particular emphasis on apply the correct systems to suit each unique environment.

Each project will present different considerations. Different products and application technics are recommended according to variable site factors.  Some of the factors that must be considered are:

  • Composition of pavement.  Is it concrete, asphalt, sealed, unsealed or other?

  • Traffic. What type, size and volume of traffic is expected?

  • Chemicals.  Is the line marking subject to chemical spills?

  • Slip Resistance.  Does the existing pavement need slip resistant treatments?

  • Budget.  Is a low cost solution suitable or are premium product required?


Our sales team is eager to provide clients with comprehensive advice on the options available to suit their needs. 

Next time you need something to stick to the road, whether it is lines, signs or traffic devices, contact Retro Roads.



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